Have You Heard About The Chapter 7 Automatic Stay?

8 June 2023
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An automatic stay in Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful legal provision that offers several benefits to individuals seeking debt relief. Read on for some of the key advantages to this stay with a bankruptcy filing. 

Immediate Relief

The automatic stay goes into effect as soon as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is filed with the court. This provision provides immediate relief by putting a halt to all collection efforts, including foreclosure, wage garnishment, repossession, and creditor harassment. It gives the debtor breathing space to assess their financial situation and make informed decisions regarding their debts. The sooner you speak to a bankruptcy lawyer and file, the sooner you will experience the relief an automatic stay can bring.

Protection of Assets 

The automatic stay prevents creditors from taking any actions to seize or sell the debtor's assets during the bankruptcy process. This protection allows the debtor to retain essential property, such as their home, vehicle, and personal belongings. It helps individuals and businesses safeguard their assets while they work towards a fresh financial start. For instance, if you are about to lose your home to a foreclosure action, the automatic stay puts a halt to that and other court actions. Be sure to talk to your bankruptcy lawyer about the temporary nature of the stay, however.

Consolidation of Debts

The automatic stay provides an opportunity for debtors to consolidate their debts and gain control over their financial situation. During the bankruptcy process, all eligible debts are gathered under the court's jurisdiction, with debt repayment being out of the debtor's hands. Speak to your bankruptcy lawyer to find out more about which debts qualify for inclusion in a Chapter 7 filing. In many cases, debts like back child support, federal and state taxes, and student loan debts cannot be included in your Chapter 7 filing. 

Discharge of Debts

The automatic stay and its benefits are just the beginning, though. The ultimate benefit of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the potential discharge of eligible debts. Upon successfully completing the bankruptcy process, debtors can have their unsecured debts (such as credit card debt and medical bills) legally forgiven, providing them with a fresh start and the opportunity to rebuild their financial lives. 

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the fresh start you need badly. Speak with a bankruptcy lawyer and find out more about the great and immediate benefits offered by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy automatic stay.